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The Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture, maintains a laboratory in Montpellier, France, for work on biological control of arthropod pests and weeds in the United States.The following is intended to provide initial orientation for persons planning to work at or visit the laboratory and/or our substations.




The environment around Montpellier is very diverse, from coastal marshes to mesic forests at elevations to 1,300m about 50km north of the lab. The lab is currently situated in the Parc Scientifique, village of Montferrier, 10 minutes north of downtown Montpellier, near CIRAD (French scientific organization in agricultural research for the tropics and subtropics of the world ), IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, Research Institute for Development), ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique de Montpellier, French National Agricultural High School) and other scientific organizations. With CSIRO (Commonwealth, Scientific & Industrial Research Organization) and INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, National Institute for Agricultural Research) biological control laboratories, EBCL is a member of the Centre International Lutte Biologique, AGROPOLIS. The lab is well equipped for work on arthropod and pathogen natural enemies of insects and weeds, although space is limited.

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