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Research Microbiologist - (33) 4 99 62 30 13




Research projects at EBCL:


- Lepidium draba : application of metagenomics in understanding interactions between a weevil and a pathogen for the biocontrol of an invasive weed.


- Ventenata dubia : impact of soil microbes on the fitness of the invasive weeds Ventenata dubia.


- Control of post-harvest diseases of potatoes: differential gene expression analysis of three co-cultured strains of Pseudomonas sp. reducing symptoms induced by Fusarium sambucinum to identify genes responsible for the biocontrol efficacy against Fusarium dry rot and potential synergism between the three co-cultured strains.


- Olive Fruit fly : evaluation of entomopathogenic fungi against Bactrocera oleae.


- Endosymbionts diversity in the different populations of the biocontrol agent Trissolcus japonicus, a parasitoid of Halyomorpha halys, the brown marmorated stink bug.


Areas os scientific interest:


- Role of microbial communities on the fitness of weeds.


- Tripartite interactions between microbes plant and insect.


- Impact of bacterial endosymbionts on the behavior and the fitness of insect pests or their parasitoids.


- Insect pathology for the control of insect pests using entomopathogenic fungi.


Technical skills:


- Microbiology : plant-microbes interactions and insect microbiology.


- Molecular biology : DNA and RNA extraction, PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR, phylogeny.


- Sequencing technologies and bioinformatics.


- Microscopy.




- French


- English


-German (basic conversation ability)