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Research Entomologist




Research projects at EBCL:


- Sand fly ecology & control.


- Sand fly & mosquito taxonomy.


- Optimization of mosquito control applications and development of new vector control tools.


- Optimization of vector surveillance technologies.


- West Nile virus ecology and surveillance.


Areas of scientific interest:


Her work is dedicated to developing novel approaches to combat public health pests, such as mosquitoes, sand flies, filth flies and biting midges. Her primary research interests involve epidemiology of vector borne diseases, vector ecology, and vector management technologies.


Educationnal background:


Alexandra Chaskopoulou is a research entomologist for the USDA-ARS European Biological Control Laboratory located at Thessaloniki, Greece. Alexandra earned her Masters and PhD degrees from University of Florida with a specialty in Medical Entomology. Upon graduation in 2010 Dr. Chaskopoulou worked as a research scientist for the Department of Entomology at University of Florida and in 2014 accepted a new position with USDA-ARS EBCL.