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Biocontrol Institutes


Agropolis (In French): International complex for research and higher education in Agriculture.


APHIS Web: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.


ARS: Agricultural Research Service.


BLM: Bureau of Land Management.


CIRAD (In French): French scientific organization in agricultural research for the tropics and subtropics of the world.


CNRS (In French): The National Center for Scientific Research.


CSIRO European Laboratory : Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.


ENSAM Montpellier (In French): French National Agricultural High School.


FAO : Food and Agriculture Organization.


INRAe (In French): French National Institute for Agricultural Research.


IRD (In French): Research Institute for Development.


USDA : United States Department of Agriculture.


Biocontrol Laboratories


IIBBL : Invasive Insect Biocontrol and Behavior Laboratory


FuEDEI : Foundation for the Study of Invasive Species


Biocontrol Organizations



Beneficial Insects Introduction Research


California Department of Food and Agriculture


IOBC : International Organization for Biological Control (Global).


IOBC : International Organization for Biological Control (Neartic Region Section).